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hw7_p5405_f03 - Assume the particle enters the field at...

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HW 7 Phys5405 f02 due 10/28/03 1)Write the Scrodinger equation for a Hydrogen atom in a) a constant external electric field (Stark effect) b) a constant external magnetic field (Zeeman effect) For simplicity, choose the z direction for the fields, neglect spin, and treat the m e /m p 0. 2)This problem is like JDJ 12-7 b (1st part).
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Unformatted text preview: Assume the particle enters the field at x=y=z=0. Where does it leave the field and What are the momentum components as-suming initially P = P e x . Compare the answers for positrons and protons if P = 300 MeV/c, a = 0.5 m, and B = 1 T? For what values of P would protons not get to x > a? 1...
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