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HW 7 Phys5405 f06 10/19/06 1) Show E · B and B 2 - E 2 /c 2 are Lorentz Invariants 2a) JDJ 11-14 part b only. 2b) Suppose E · B = 0 and you can transfer to O’ where only B 0 = 0. What velocity will effect this transformation? What is the magnitude of E 0 ? Suppose in this problem B =
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Unformatted text preview: B e z , E = 5 e x KV/m, and B is half its maximum allowed value for this case? 3) JDJ 11-15. Note JDJ has gone to the CGS system of units by writing B = 2 E . Stay in our MKS system of units by taking B = 2 E /c . 1...
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