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hw7_p5406_s05 - 4)JDJ 5.21 5 Suppose a long solenoid of n...

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HW 7 Phys5406 S05 due 3/24/05 1)JDJ 2-8 parts b,c (we did other parts in class) 2)JDJ 4-13 3)A uncharged, conducting sphere of mass M and radius R floats with 1/4 of its volume submerged in a dielectric liquid with = K 0 . When a total free charge Q is put on the sphere it floats with 1/2 its volume submerged. Calculate, the Q = f(K,R,M) needed. Do not hand in problems 4 and 5, they will be due 3/31/05
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Unformatted text preview: 4)JDJ 5.21 5) Suppose a long solenoid of n turns/length and current I. Consider a screw driver (ap-proximated as a cylinder with radius << solenoid radius) of material μ partially inside the solenoid and partially outside at one end. What is the approximate force/area trying to pull the screw driver into the solenoid? 1...
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