Hw8_p5405_f07 - B = B e z 3 A uniform surface charge density σ is placed on the surface of a conducting sphere of radius a If the sphere is

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HW 8 Phys5405 F07 due Nov. 7, 2007 1)This problem is like JDJ 12-6. You can forget about part a because in a previous homework you showed you can find a frame where E and B are parallel. Thus assume you transferred to this frame just show that part b) holds in this frame. You should note that JDJ’s solution is in cgs units. You should work in MKS units and note the differences in the constants that appear in the equations of motion. Get the solution in JDJ’s form. What are the appropriate integration constants corressponding to this form? 2) Obtain the Schrodinger equation for a spin zero particle in a constant magnetic field,
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Unformatted text preview: B = B e z . 3) A uniform surface charge density, σ is placed on the surface of a conducting sphere of radius a. If the sphere is rotated at constant angular velocity, ω about a diameter, what is the magnetic field at the center? What if it wasn’t a conductor and the charge distribution was a uniform volume charge density, ρ ? 4) Obtain the vector potential in the gauge ∇ · A = 0 for a uniform current I of length L along the z axis. The magnetic field was found in class. 1...
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