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HW 6 Phys5406 S07 due 3/29/07 1)Use the Green function found in class to solve JDJ 2.13. Instead of JDJ’s tan - 1 term, you may find it easier to use, with x = ρ /b, 2[ x cos( φ ) - x 3 cos(3 φ ) / 3 + x 5 cos(5 φ ) / 5 - x 7 cos(7 φ ) / 7 ... ] (1) 2) JDJ 2.8 parts b,c 3) A cylindrical vacuum hole of radius a and length L is positioned inside a solid, grounded
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Unformatted text preview: conductor. In the middle of the hole there is a ring of radius a/2 and charge Q (uniformly distributed) such that the plane of the ring is perpendicular to the axis of the hole. What is the potential within the hole? 1...
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