hw8_p5406_s08 - HW 8 Phys5406 S08 due 3/27/08 1)JDJ 2.8...

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Unformatted text preview: HW 8 Phys5406 S08 due 3/27/08 1)JDJ 2.8 parts b and c 2)JDJ 2.11 parts a and b for this problem take R cylinder. > b. Solve for the potential outside the You don't have to use the axis to pass through the origin. You can use the line charge to pass through the origin as in my notes. If you are really adventurous solve for the potential with the 2d Green function derived in class and see that you get the same answer. 3)JDJ 2.13 forget about JDJ's answer, use the Green function derived in class. If you then compare it to JDJ's answer you have the expansion of the arctan in a power series. 1 ...
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