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HW 9 Phys5405 f02 due 12/10/02 1)JDJ 5-3 (make use of what was done in class) When NL → ∞ , it implies an infinite number of turns so that a turn has essentially zero radius. It is a filamentary current. This is a trivial exercise. Just take the in class form and put it into JDJ’s form.
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Unformatted text preview: 2)JDJ 5-4a 3)JDJ 5-6 4)JDJ 5-7bce (make use of what was done in class) 5) A square in the x,y plane with corners at (0,0),(2a,0),(2a,2a), and (0,2a) has a counter clockwise current I. What is B at (5a/2,a/2)? 1...
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