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HW 9 Phys5405 f05 due 11/17/05 1)Calculate A in the Coulomb gauge at some point a distance ρ from a wire of length L carrying current I in the z direction. A line from the point to the wire divides the wire into lengths L 1 and L 2 . Take the curl of A and show that the B found in class is obtained. 2)JDJ 5-4 (Do not solve any partial differential equation as we haven’t yet covered the solu-
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Unformatted text preview: tions, make use of the properties of series expansion, B , and B under the conditions of the problem). 3)JDJ 5-6 4)JDJ 5-7 (you may use the in-class result for part a) 5) A square in the x,y plane with corners at (0,0),(2a,0),(2a,2a), and (0,2a) has a counter clockwise current I. What is B at (5a/2,a/2) and (3a/2,a/2)? 1...
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