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HW 9 Phys5406 S05 due 4/19 Don’t hand in number 1, but you should understand how to work it out. 1) A current I directed all along the z direction at x=b, y=0 is carried by an infinitely long wire of negligible radius. An infinitely long right circular cylinder with axis along the z axis has radius a and permeability μ . Outside the cylinder the fields are due to a particular solu- tion plus a term that comes from Laplace’s equation that is due to the cylinder’s presence. Inside the cylinder only the latter contributes. a) Calculate B in both regions. b) Calculate the force on the cylinder from the Biot Savart expression for the force on a
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Unformatted text preview: current carrier. c) Calculate the force by using the gradient of U int . You can save yourself alot of work using the easiest form for U int . d) Show that the solution can be obtained by using a finite number of image currents. and find the magnitude, position and direction of the image currents. 2) In JDJ chapter 6, show that the sum of 6.27 and 6.28 yield J ( r ,t). 3) JDJ 6-1 4) JDJ 6-2 a,b 5) Find the force on a plate of a parallel plate capacitor with charge/area = ± σ on top and bottom plates using the momentum stress tensor. Check you answer with the result in your notes. 1...
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