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Unformatted text preview: HW 9 Phys5406 S06 due 4/13/06 1)Consider two in nite parallel plates. Suppose the plates have uniform surface charge densities ¦. Show that the plates are attracted to each other and calculate the force per area exerted on a plate. Calculate the force from the energy method and from the stress tensor. 2)A uncharged conducting sphere of radius a and mass M oats in a dielectric liquid of permitivity  such that 1/4 of its volume is submerged. When the sphere is charged it oats with more of its volume submerged. Find the charge Q such that it oats with 1/2 the volume submerged. Note you may want to refer to JDJ 4-10 which you have already done for homework 3)JDJ 4.13 4)In order to see that the electromagnetic eld can also transmit angular momentum do JDJ 6.10. Proceed in the same way I did for the linear momentum after you have correctly written the rate of change of mechanical angular momentum. 1 ...
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