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Unformatted text preview: HW 9 Phys5406 S08 due 4/3/08 1)Repeat JDJ 2.11 part b only now do the problem with the 2d green function (write it as a logarithm instead of a series) and show that this solution is the same as the image solution. 2)JDJ 2-20 parts a and c. For your own education, use Mathmatica and make a contour plot of the potential and see if it gives you the eld sketched. 3)We'll get the 3d G in cylindrical coordinates on Tuesday. Now suppose a conducting cylindrical shell of inner radius a and conducting endcaps at z=0,D. Suppose there is a point dipole P = P ez at  = 0; z = D=2. Also suppose the endcaps are grounded and the shell is at potential V. Find the potential at all points inside. 1 ...
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