Hw10_p5405_f05 - approximate one up to and including the quadrupole term 2 JDJ 4-2 part a Don’t worry about energy term for now 3 Use the charge

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HW 10 Phys5405 f05 due 12/6/05 1a) For a pure electric dipole, Q and -Q separated by distance d, show that the monopole and quadrupole terms vanish. 1b) For the charge densities shown in (a) and (b) of JDJ 4-1, find the dipole moment and all the quadrupole terms (ie Q xx ). For part b get the complete potential in the xy plane from Coulomb’s law. For points far from the origin compare the full potential with the
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Unformatted text preview: approximate one up to and including the quadrupole term. 2) JDJ 4-2 part a. Don’t worry about energy term for now. 3) Use the charge density of JDJ chapter 4-7 and obtain the monopole, dipole, and quadrupole moment terms (as 1b). 4) JDJ chapter 4-10. 5) Use the geometry of JDJ 4-13, neglect edge effects, and calculate the capacitance in terms of the constant susceptibility, χ . 1...
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