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HW 10 Phys5405 f06 due 12/5/06 1)A conducting sphere of radius R has a uniform surface charge density σ . The sphere is rotated about the Z axis with constant angular velocity = ω e z . What is the B at the center of the sphere? 2a)JDJ 5-6 2b)Suppose a second hole of the same geometry is bored at the same distance from the origin and on the same diameter as the first hole. What is the field at the center of the first hole? 3) A square in the x,y plane with corners at (0,0),(2a,0),(2a,2a), and (0,2a) has, when viewed
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Unformatted text preview: from above, a counter clockwise current I. What is B at (5a/2,a/2)? 4a) For a pure electric dipole, show that the quadrupole term vanishes. 4b) For the charge densities shown in (a) and (b) of JDJ 4-1, nd the dipole and quadrupole moment. For part (b) get the complete potential in the xy plane from Coulombs law. For points far from the origin compare the full potential with the approximate one up to and including the quadrupole term. 5) JDJ chapter 4-10. 1...
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