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Unformatted text preview: HW 11 Phys5406 S06 due 4/27/06 1)In order to get a feeling for the size of the E and B in the radiation from the sun, suppose that radiation is in the form of a monchromatic plance wave incident normally. Use the fact that there are 1300 W/m2 at the earth. Find the root mean square E and B 2)Show that for the wave in 1) that it satis es the same quantum conditions for photons, namely Pc = K, where P is the linear momentum in any volume and K is the total energy in the volume. 3)Suppose two waves of the same frequency ! in vacuum traveling in the z direction. The amplitude magnitude of the rst wave is real and equals E1 and that of the second is E1 exp i. Show that if the polarizations of the two waves are perpendicular there is no sensitivity to , while if they are parallel < S > depends on cos . 4)JDJ 6.2 part a 1 ...
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