handout2 - Handout 2 Modelling Databases using E/R Diagrams...

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Handout 2: Modelling Databases using E/R Diagrams CS 4604 September 22, 2010 This handout lists textual descriptions of scenarios we may want to model using databases. We will cover some of these in detail in class, especially the one on students, classes, and professors. You should use the other scenarios for practice. Keep in mind that E/R diagrams cannot model all aspects of a database application. For each scenario, you should add “notes” stating which aspects the design cannot represent. University Classes 1 This scenario models the courses, students, professors, departments, and the like at a single university in a single semester. Each student enrolls in a certain number of courses in the semester. At most one professor teaches each course. Each student receives a grade in each course he/she is enrolled in. In turn, each student evaluates the professor teaching the course. Each student has a name, a PID, and an address. A professor has a PID, a name and belongs to a department. The age of a professor can be one of “old,” “very old,” and “still alive”. Each course has a name, a number, an offering department, a classroom, a maximum enrollment, and an actual enrollment. The actual enrollment must be at most the maximum enrollment. (This university has not invented the concept of CRNs.) A student can TA a course but not a course he/she is enrolled in. Each department has a unique name. Each department has at most one chairperson who is its head (there are times when a department may not have a chairperson). Each chairperson can be the head
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handout2 - Handout 2 Modelling Databases using E/R Diagrams...

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