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Quiz # 1 Solution CHEM 3615 05/21/03 Name: ___________________ ID#: _____________________ Question 1: (2 points) What is a “diathermic” boundary? A boundary that allows heat flow Question 2: (2 points) What is the equation of state for a perfect gas? PV = nRT or PV m = RT Question 3: (2 points). Next to each of the following physical quantities, write the name of the associated S.I. unit. Time Second Work Joule Volume m 3 Temperature K Pressure Pa Question 4: (2 points). What is the meaning of the sentence “Objects A and B are in thermal
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Unformatted text preview: equilibrium? A and B are in thermal equilibrium means they are at the same Temp. Question 5: (2 points). Name two extensive physical properties and two intensive physical properties. Extensive properties are proportional to the number of moles of substance in the system (example: V, U, mass, Cv). Intensive properties are independent of the amount of material considered (pressure, temperature, density, mole fraction, molar heat capacity, molar volume, molar energy)....
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