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Quiz # 5 CHEM 3615 06/18/03 Name: ___________________ ID#: _____________________ Question 1: (2 points) Write down the differential equation describing the change in Internal energy dU with change in volume and change in entropy: dU = dw + dq = - PdV + TdS Question 2: (2 points) Write down the differential equation describing the change in Gibbs Free energy dG with change in pressure and change in temperature: G = H – TS and H = U + PV. Therefore G = U + PV - TS dG = dU + PdV + VdP –TdS – SdT = VdP - SdT Question 3: (2 points). Using the first law of thermodynamics for the case of reversible work and reversible heat exchange and the definition of the Helmholtz Free Energy A,
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Unformatted text preview: in terms of U, T and S, derive the expression for dA in terms of changes in state variables, V and T: A = U – TS Thus, dA = dU – TdS – SdT = -PdV + TdS – TdS – SdT dA = - PdV – SdT Question 4: (2 points). What is the Maxwell relationship expressing the change in entropy with pressure at constant temperature? P T T V P S ∂ ∂ = ∂ ∂ Question 5: (2 points). Write down the Gibbs-Helmholtz equation which is used to describe the temperature dependence of G/T. 2 T H T T G P − = ∂ ∂...
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