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PKMCONCEPT_4 - the system into the surroundings is negative...

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Week #4 Notion of Exact Differential, Criteria for Exact Differential or State Function. Concepts of Process, Work (organized motion), Energy (ability to do work) and Heat (chaotic motion) Work is done in process if a change in the height of a weight in the surroundings can be visualized to occur as the result of the process. Work = Opposing (External) Force * Displacement (always) Sign Convention: Work done on the system is positive, by the system is negative Heat flowing from surroundings to the system is positive, from
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Unformatted text preview: the system into the surroundings is negative . Week #4 cont. • Expansion/Compression Work for a gas under external pressure P ext is equal to - P ext dV • First law: integral form ∆ U = w + q, differential form dU = δ q + δ w • When do we use dX vs δ X ? • When do we and don’t we use the symbol ∆ ? • Free expansion, expansion under constant external pressure, reversible expansion (P ext = P) • Quasistatic (Slow) vs Irreversible (Fast) Expansion/Comp....
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