PKMCONCEPT_13 - Week #13 • Relationship between total...

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Mixing of Ideal Gases – Free Energy of Mixing equation – Enthalpy, entropy and volume change on mixing. Mixing of Liquids – Relationships between the chemical potential of pure liquid A at pressure P A *, pure liquid A at standard presure P 0 , and chemical potential of component A in mixed liquid under pressure P A . – Equilibrium between component A in pure liquid and in pure vapor phase leads to μ A *(liq) = μ A *(vap) – Raoult’s law. Concept of ideal solution – Free Energy of Mixing for Ideal Solutions
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Unformatted text preview: Week #13 • Relationship between total pressure, vapor pressures of pure components and mole fraction for ideal solutions. • Enthalpy, Entropy and Volume Change upon mixing for ideal solutions. • Real solutions. Activity coefficients and activity for components in real solutions. • Raoult’s law and Henry’s law for components in a real solution. • Positive deviation from ideal behavior and negative deviation from ideal behavior....
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PKMCONCEPT_13 - Week #13 • Relationship between total...

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