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Study Guide for the Third Test: Review Study-Guides 1 and 2. Know the expressions of µ T , π T , α and κ T in terms of derivatives obtained from the substance equation of state (function of P,V m and T) as well as the general relationship between Cp and Cv (Cp - Cv = VT α 2 / κ T ) Know how to calculate Entropy Changes for Irreversible Processes. This implies that you know how to imagine a reversible path and calculate the entropy change for the system along the reversible path (i.e. review what you studied for test #2 in chapter 4). Chapter V in your book: Know the two equations for dU (dU = - PdV + TdS and the other one with Cv) Know the two equations for dH (dH = VdP + TdS and the other one with Cp) Know how to get dS in terms of Cv using dU or in terms of Cp using dH) Know the definition of G = U + PV - TS and A = U - TS Know how to get dG = VdP - SdT and dA = - PdV - SdT. Know the four Maxwell Equations. Gibbs-Helmholtz equation (Temperature Dependence of G/T)
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