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Study Guide for the Final Exam: Review Study-Guides 1, 2 and 3. AND SPECIFICALLY: Know how to calculate Entropy Changes for Irreversible Processes. This implies that you know how to imagine a reversible path and calculate the entropy change for the system along the reversible path (i.e. review what you studied for test #2 in chapter 4). AND SPECIFICALLY: Chapter VI in your book: Know how to derive the Clapeyron equation Know how to derive each of the three relationships between P and T for each of the three coexistence curves (S/V, S/L, L/V). Understand the approximations involved. Know that the triple point belongs to each of the coexistence curves (boundary curves between phases). Know the relationship between enthalpies of vaporization, sublimation and fusion close to the triple point. There are only few types of problems for this test. ...So make sure you know how to solve each type. ... YOU SHOULD CONSULT MY LECTURE NOTES FOR CHAPTERS 5 AND 6, AS I THINK THEY PROVIDE MORE DETAIL THAN THE BOOK
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