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2306fall2009 - PHYSICS 2306 FOUNDATIONS OF PHYSICS I Fall...

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PHYSICS 2306: FOUNDATIONS OF PHYSICS I Fall 2009 Text: University Physics by Young & Freedman Week Start Date Topics Laboratory Exercise 1 8/24 Introduction, Properties of Mechanical Waves, Energy in Waves, Wave Interference, Standing Transverse Waves and Normal Modes 2 8/31 Properties of Sound Waves, Standing Sound Waves and Normal Modes, Interference, Beats, Doppler Effect 3 9/7 Electric Charge, Coulomb’s Law, Electric Fields ( E ), Fields Due to Charges Lab 1: Vibrating String 4 9/14 Gauss' Law and Applications, Make Up Optional Review (50 min.) Test 1 at 5:30 PM on 9/18 Lab 2: A Look at Sound 5 9/21 Charges on Conductors, Potential Energy, Electric Potential, Calculating Potential, Equipotentials, Capacitance, Capacitors in Series & Parallel Lab 3: Electrostatics 6 9/28 Electric Field Energy; Dielectrics, Electric Current, Resistance, Electromotive Force, Circuits Lab 4: Mapping Electric Equipotentials 7 10/5 Resistors-Series & Parallel, Kirchhoff’s Rules, Instruments, RC Circuits, Power Dist. Systems
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