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MAC 1105 Quiz 8 Show your work, no calculators. 1. Perform the indicated operation. Remember to include the domain in m answer. @)#m=r#,ffi 2r r -13 (b) --- \ / rl2 r*2 f x+ -2. ,x+2 ' 7r,-K -Z x+2 (") rt2 _ (X+zJ Lx*4 yz 4ftl>) 4r - 8 ({_>j .-1frtSA<q t1 (xi'z) _+__=_ @ The polynomial 3t2 +7 describes the population of Citytowne USA, f years after 2000' The polynomial 2t+L describes
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Unformatted text preview: the number of crimes in Citytowne USA, f years after 2000. (a) Write a rational expression that describes the crime rate (crimes/person) in Citytowne USA, / yea.rs a.fter 2000. cr)rws I L++ t F-crssrL l4'+7 (b) What was the crime rate in 2000? t _ , 1 2 - 4 _ _:_ r-2 2. Zo0g t b'g 2t+l ._s t 3+'+7 Lt|)+t \ 4 3$)'+l z x- K+3) {,} z...
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