Quiz 15 - =" nunobitn o J*W rt"llq U(rrl A t X it 1 e i-lg ot*e lL srLvk w[n n1 c.uJ 8 ux 60\r=Qxt50 br= 5 Fffi 3 Perform each operation

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5203 Name: kt MAC 1105 Quiz 15 b = JttL$ Show your work, no calculators. 1' Each day, the number of births in the world exceeds the number of deaths by 229 thousand. The combined number of births and deaths is 521 thousand. Determine the number of deaths per day. -b ='ti.Jl,'s" d = ',J"r0,"1h 5tt b+ J : SZ I s0 J*z:t+ J--5zl 2d+zzt'\zl 4 IdTfqflho^sqnJ \ 2' Video Store A charges $9 to rent a video g*tl". Video Store B charges $4 but to rent you must buy a $50 membership. After how many garnes rentals will
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Unformatted text preview: { = " nunobitn o{ J*W rt"llq[: U (rrl @ A', t X it 1 e i-lg ot*e lL{ srLvk' w[n n1' c.uJ@ 8', ux+60 \r=Qxt50 br= 5 Fffi 3. Perform each operation A,nd simplify when possible. Write your answer in stan-dard form (a + bi,\. (r) (-z +6i)+(4-i,): *L+6i +tt :C : (b) (7 -si,)(-2- 3?) : - l\ + tO.,r : - lq - lti-2\- ili @ Ja6Fs- \R) ! - , I 3 _r/8 tlG *)lj ttS -l>- l5 z j' Jr;e - iJT ,I5 : Jf -i'Fio _ffi5ffi1 =l-Jzl* r/tlg r\=-avs -vlu't t )+Bi-,8)...
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