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MAC 1114 Extra Credit Problems Due at the time of the Final Exam You must show all your work. Write neatly and clearly and circle your final answer. All answers must be simplified as much as possible. Each question is worth 1 extra credit point and no partial credit will be given. 1. Write an algebraic expression that is equivalent to the expression sec ( arctan (3 x )) . 2. Verify the identity sec 4 ( x ) tan 2 ( x ) = ( tan 2 ( x ) + tan 4 ( x )) sec 2 ( x ) . 3. Solve the equation cos (2 x )(2 cos ( x ) + 1) = 0 . 4. Determine the domain, range, period, and phase shift (include the direc-
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Unformatted text preview: tion of the shift) of the following function. (You do not need to graph it). y = csc (2 x- ) 5. During a takeo, an airplanes angle of ascent is 18 and its speed is 275 feet per second. Find the planes altitude (in feet) after 1 minute. (You may use a calculator to determine the nal answer, but you must show all your work up to that point.) 1...
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