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STEPS TO GRAPH A GENERAL SINE OR COSINE FUNCTION MAC 1114 - SPRING 2009 For functions of the form y = A sin( ωx - c ) + d and y = A cos( ωx - c ) + d 1. Determine the amplitude | A | and period T = 2 π ω 2. Determine the x-coordinate of the first key point (equal to the phase shift c ω ) of a cycle. Then find the x-coordinate for the ending key point (equal to c ω + T ) of that cycle. 3. Shift the median line vertically by d units. 4. Divide the interval into 4 equal parts by dividing the period T by 4, then adding this
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Unformatted text preview: value to the first key point, and so on, until we get the x-coordinates of the 5 key points: c ω , c ω + T 4 , c ω + 2 T 4 , c ω + 3 T 4 , c ω + 4 T 4 5. Find the corresponding y-coordinates of the 5 key points. 6. Plot the 5 key points and fill in one period (one cycle) of the graph. 7. Complete the graph by repeating the cycle in either direction. 1...
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