hw2 - E(in volts is I = E R[1-e-R L t If E = 5 volts R = 5...

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Name: MAC 1114 Homework 2 § 5.4 5 Always give exact answers, if your solution is a complicated expression give a decimal approximation. 1. The equation governing the amount of current I (in amperes) after time t (in seconds) in a simple RL circuit consisting of a resistance R (in ohms), an in- ductance L (in henrys), and an electromotive force
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Unformatted text preview: E (in volts) is I = E R [1-e-R L t ] . If E = 5 volts, R = 5 ohms, and L = 10 henrys: (a) Find a function which f ( I ) whos output is the time taken to reach a given current. Graph f . (b) For what value of t is I = 1 2 amperes? 2. Solve log x (100) = 4 for x . 3. Solve log(3 x-7) = 2 for x ....
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