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hw6 - gainesville is growing exponentially(with a constant...

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Name: MAC 1114 Homework 6 § 5.8 5 Give an exact answer to each problem, for complicated expressions also give a decimal approximation. Show your work and tell me what rules you are using!!!!!!! 1. If a population decays exponentially with half life h , find an expression for the rate of decay k . [Hint: see example 3 in the text, example (c) from lecture, and problems 7, 9-12 and 19.] 2. According the the US Census Bureau 1 , the population of Gainesville was ap- proximately 85,000 in 1990 and grew to 95,000 in 2000. If the population of
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Unformatted text preview: gainesville is growing exponentially (with a constant growth rate), what pop-ulation will the Census Bureau report when the next census is completed in 2010? 3. A certain bacteria grows exponentially with a doubling time of one day. (a) If there are 30 grams of this bacteria in a vial now, how long will it be until there are 60 grams of bacteria in the vial? (b) How long will it be until there are 65 grams in the vial? 1 http://factfinder.census.gov/...
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