MAC 1114syllabus Spring 2010

MAC 1114syllabus Spring 2010 - ups since two quizzes will...

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MAC 1114 Trigonometry Spring 2010 Instructor: Jie Li Office: Little Hall 453 Office phone: 392-0281 ext271 Office hours: M7, T3 and R3 Email : [email protected] Course homepage: Textbook : Precalculus with Limits (2007 copyright) by Larson and Hostetler. Attendance : Attendance in this lecture is required. It will represent a certain percentage of your final grade. Exams : There will be three in-semester exams and a cumulative final exam. Exam will be held during class, the dates will be announced. Make up policy for exam: Only documented, verifiable emergencies may qualify for a make up. Quizzes : There will be 11 quizzes worth 10 points each. It will be given on each Tuesday. The top 9 quiz scores will be used in the computation of your final grade. Quizzes will be based on the recent homework assignments. There will be no make
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Unformatted text preview: ups since two quizzes will be dropped. Homework : Homework will be assigned each week. It will not be collected, however, the quiz problems will be straight from the homework. Also it is highly recommended that you keep up with it to be prepared for the exams. Calculators : Calculators will not be allowed during exams and quizzes. Final Grades : A (90% - 100%) C+ (71% - 73.9%) A- (85 % - 89.9) C (65% -70.9%) B+ (81% - 84.9%) D (56% - 64.5%) B (78% -80.9%) E ( less than 56%) B- (74% - 77.9%) You must retain all returned papers in case of any discrepancy with your course grade. Mistakes in grading or recording of scores without the original document can not be corrected. Disputed points can be corrected only in the week you get your paper back....
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