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MAC 1114 Outline For Test 1 09/17/2009 Arc Length and Area of a sector of a circle problems. Circular motion problems (angular and linear speed) Convert from degree measure to radian measure and from radian measure to degree measure. Definitions of terminal side, reference angle and coterminal angle. Definitions of the six trigonometric functions. Fundamental Identities Identifying on which quadrant an angle lies. Computation the value of any of the trigonometric functions of θ given the value of some trigonometric function at θ and some other piece of information, whether it is the value or sign of another trigonometric function at θ or the quadrant on which θ lies. Recall there are two methods, draw a corresponding triangle or use fundamental identities. Computation of exact values of the six trigonometric functions for angles θ related to π 6 , π 4 , π 3 , using reference angles and knowledge of the sign that corresponds to the desired function on the quadrant where
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