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Final Exam Review for MAC1147 Spring 2009 Page 1 of 7 Part I: 2 points each 1. True/False: If √2 ݔ ൅3√ݔ െ1 is a polynomial of degree 4. a. TRUE b. FALSE 2. If ݕ is inversely proportional to √ݔ and ݕൌ1 when ݔൌ4 , then ݕൌ √ݔ 2 a. TRUE b. FALSE 3. ݔ൏ , |2ݔ െ 1| 1െ2ݔ ൌ _____________. a. 1 2 b. 1 c. െ1 4. How many solutions does the equation tanሺ4ݔሻൌ1 have in the interval ሾ0,2ߨሻ ? a. 8 b. 4 c. 2 5. ඥሺെ3ݔሻ ൌ _____________. a. െ3ݔ b. േ3ݔ c. 3|ݔ| d. 6. Find the domain of the function… ݂ሺݔሻ ൌ 1 √2ݔ െ 4 a. ሺെ∞, 2ሻ b. ሺ2, ∞ሻ c. ሺെ∞, ∞ሻ d. ሺെ∞, 2ሻ׫ሺ2 ,∞ሻ 7. Find the equation of the line passing through the points ሺ2, െ1ሻ and ሺ2, െ5ሻ a. ݔൌെ1 b. ݔൌ2 c. ݔ൅ݕൌ1 d.
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Final Exam Review for MAC1147 Spring 2009 Page 2 of 7 8. If ݂ሺݔሻ is an odd function and the point ሺെ1,2ሻ is on the graph of ݕൌ݂ሺݔሻ , then which of the following points must lie on the graph of ݕൌ݂ ିଵ ሺݔሻ ? a. ሺെ2, െ1ሻ b. ሺെ2,1ሻ c. ሺ1, െ2ሻ d. ሺ2,1ሻ 9. How many of the following functions are even? ሺݔ൅1ሻ െݔ, |ݔ|, ඥݔ ൅ݔ tanሺݔሻ, cosሺݔ ሻ, sinሺݔ ሻ, ln |ݔ| a. 2 b. 3 c. 5 d. 6 e. 7 10. How many vertical asymptotes does the graph of the function: ݂ሺݔሻ ൌ ሺݔ൅1ሻሺݔെ2ሻሺݔ൅3ሻ ݔሺݔെ1ሻሺݔെ2ሻሺݔ ൅ 3ሻ^2 a. 0 b. 1 c. 2 d. 3 11. If 0൏ߠ൏2ߨ is in standard position with sinሺെߠሻ൏0 and cosሺെߠሻ ൏ 0 , then ߠ lies in quadrant _________. a. I
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FA09_1147_Final_Rev - FinalExamReviewforMAC1147Spring2009...

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