Microsoft Word - MAC 2233 Student Guide-Summer A 2009

Microsoft Word - MAC 2233 Student Guide-Summer A 2009 - MAC...

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MAC 2233 Student Guide SUMMER A 2009
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INTRODUCTION COURSE CONTENT MAC 2233 is the first in the two-semester sequence MAC 2233 and MAC 2234 covering the basic calculus. The content of this course is given on a day by day basis in the lecture outline in this booklet. PREREQUISITES MAC 2233 assumes that you have essential algebra skills necessary to succeed in calculus. The appropriate prerequisites for the course can be found on the Math Department web page, or the Academic Advising Center web page, . To be enrolled in MAC 2233 you should have completed the Calculus Readiness Assessment (CRA) prior to registering for this course and attained the required minimum passing score. If you satisfied other prerequisites to enroll in MAC 2233, you may still take the CRA through the ISIS homepage ; click on Placement under My Online Services. We highly recommend that anyone having a minimum score on the CRA review the precalculus material in Sections 1.1 through 1.3 of the text, and the material covered in the first few lectures of MAC 2233, to determine whether they need to first take MAC 1140, a 3 credit hour precalculus course reviewing the algebra skills needed for MAC 2233. TEXTBOOK Applied Calculus for the Managerial, Life and Social Sciences by S.T. Tan. This course uses Volume I of the UF edition, or the 8 th edition of the Tan text. LECTURES Course lectures are given each Monday through Friday (exceptions are indicated in the course calendar in this booklet). They will follow closely the calendar and lecture outline given in this booklet. Lecture notes will be available online at Target Copy center. TEACHING CENTER TUTORIAL HELP The UF teaching center, located in SE Broward, is available for personal tutorial help with homework or course content questions. In addition, lab tutors hold reviews on the evenings before each exam. This is a free service; check the teaching center home page, , for tutoring hours and test review dates and locations. All students are encouraged to use the lab. SUCCESS Your success in this course will depend on two things: first, your attendance and participation in the learning process in the classroom and second, your awareness that much of the learning of mathematics at the university takes place outside of the classroom. In class, you should concentrate on the concepts and thought processes involved in the lecture, rather than just taking notes. After class, you should spend time reviewing the concepts which were covered in lecture before attempting the homework problems. You should expect to spend a minimum of two hours working on your own for every hour of classroom instruction. It can be very helpful to study with a group. This type of cooperative learning is encouraged; however, be sure that you have a
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Microsoft Word - MAC 2233 Student Guide-Summer A 2009 - MAC...

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