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Project 3 MAC 2233 1. Examine the function f ( x ) = 4 - | 2 - x | . Write f ( x ) as a piecewise function without absolute value bars, using the definition of abso- lute value, and graph the function on the axes below: f ( x ) = Graph the function f ( x ) again, this time in a series of steps, beginning with the graph of y = | x | . Use shifting and reflecting, ONE step at a time, and each time write the new function. y = | x | 2. Give a quick sketch of the function f ( x ) = x on the axes below. Write a function D ( a ) that represents the distance from the point ( 0 , 0 ) to the point on the
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Unformatted text preview: graph of f ( x ) = x that corresponds to the value x = a . Illustrate this in your picture above in the cases when a is chosen to be 1 , 4 , or 9 by labeling each point and drawing the lines between each and the origin. What is the domain of the function D ( a ) in the current context (for what values of a can you nd the value D ( a ) as instructed)? If you were simply given your function D ( a ) as a formula without any context, what would its domain be?...
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