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Project 19 MAC 2233 1. Examine the function h ( x ) = x - 3 x 2 3 . What is the domain of h ( x ) ? What are its intercepts? Calculate h 0 ( x ) , and use a number line to determine the interval(s) on which the function is increasing/decreasing. What are the local extrema? Are they cusps or horizontal tangent lines? Try to use your information above to make a rough sketch the graph of the function h ( x ) below. Label all intercepts and local extrema
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Suppose the cost (in euros) of producing the quantity x of a certain product in Brussels is given by C ( x ) = 100 √ 400-16 x + x 2 , x > . Find the average cost function and the intervals on which it is increasing and decreasing. What are its critical numbers and relative extrema? What level of production leads to the minimum average cost, and what is that cost?...
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