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Project 25/26 MAC 2233 1. Carefully sketch the graph of f ( x ) = 4+ e - ( x - 2) below , including any intercepts and asymp- total lines, AND state its domain and range in interval notation. Domain: Range: Formula: g ( x ) = Now suppose g ( x ) is the function obtained by reflecting the graph of f ( x ) across the x -axis and then shifting the resulting graph up 8 units. Carefully sketch the graph of g ( x ) on the same axes above , including any intercepts and asymptotal lines. Include a formula for g ( x ) . What is lim x →∞ g ( x ) ; For what x does g ( x ) = 1 ? 2. Examine the function A ( t ) = 75 - 14 ln(1 + t ) . a) What are the domain and range of the function? Sketch the function below:
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Unformatted text preview: Domain: Range: b) Find the inverse function, and sketch it on the same axes above. c) Suppose that, in an experiment, students in a math class are given an exam and then retested monthly with equivalent exams. Suppose the average score of the class on each 100-point exam is approximated by A ( t ) where ≤ t ≤ 12 is the time elapsed in months. What was the average score for the exam originally? After how many months would the average score be 50 points? What is the average score one year after the original exam?...
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