Syllabus_001 - MAS 4203 Section 8430 Spring 2009 INSTRUCTOR Introduction to Number Theory MWF 4th(10:4011:30 LIT 219 Dr Garvan 483 Little Hall

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MAS 4203 Introduction to Number Theory MWF 4th(10:40–11:30) Section 8430 LIT 219 Spring 2009 INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Garvan 483 Little Hall 392-0281 extn 248 email: [email protected] HOME-PAGE: fgarvan/numthy/spring2009 OFFICE HOURS: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11:45-12:35, or by appointment. PREREQUISITES: MAC 3312 or MAC 3512 or MAC 3473; MAS 3300 recommended. TEXT: James K. Strayer, Elementary Number Theory . Waveland Press, 2002. COURSE CONTENT: This course is designed as an introduction to elementary number theory and its applications for Mathematics and Computer Science majors. This course is theoretical in nature. Emphasis is placed on theory and proofs. We hope to cover most of Chapters 1-5 of Strayer. As well we hope to cover some additional topics. The basic topics include the greatest common divisor, the fundamental theorem of arithmetic, arithmetic functions, multiplicative functions, congruences, the Chinese remainder theorem, quadratic residues and quadratic reciprocity. We will also use the computer package MAPLE to do some
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