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Presentation suggestions

Presentation suggestions - "(with Georg Weizsacker...

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Econ 277A Winter 2011 Suggestions for presentations or PS questions (referee reports should be on unpublished working papers): Please send me your presentation preference and I’ll give you the expected date. The actual date may be pushed back 1 2 classes, depending upon our progress. You can choose whatever you like for the PS question. If you are not sure what to choose for these and for your referee report, please come talk to me for suggestions. RD Preferences: Koszegi and Rabin (2009), Reference Dependent Consumption Plans, AER Koszegi and Heidhues, Competition and Price Variation when Consumers are Loss Averse , American Economic Review (2008), 98(4), pp. 1245 1268. **If you would like to present either of these next Tuesday (1/18), please let me know ASAP Narrow Framing, Choice Bracketing, and Mental Accounting: Benartzi & Thaler (2000), Myopic Loss Aversion and the Equity Premium Puzzle, CVF Ch. 17. " Narrow Bracketing and Dominated Choices
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Unformatted text preview: " (with Georg Weizsacker), American Economic Review, forthcoming, September 2009. Present ‐ Biased Preferences and Time Inconsistency: ‐ Any of the starred (*) papers on the syllabus ‐ Note: any of the papers presented in seminars this week (by Charlie Sprenger , including his other work with Jim Andreoni or Jawwad Noor) would be good subjects for referee reports Social Preferences (Distributional): ‐ any of the starred (*) papers on the syllabus Social Preferences (Reciprocity): ‐ any of the starred (*) papers on the syllabus Beliefs ‐ Bases Preferences: ‐ Koszegi, Utility From Anticipation and Personal Equilibrium, JEEA ‐ Koszegi, Emotional Agency, QJE, 2006 ‐ Any of the starred (*) papers in the Beliefs ‐ Based Preferences section on the syllabus ‐ Charness and Dufwenberg, 2006, Promises and Partnerships, ECTA. Nonstandard Beliefs: ‐ Any of the papers on the syllabus (not just starred)....
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  • Fall '09
  • American Economic Review, social preferences, myopic loss aversion, Referee Reports, unpublished working papers, Econ 277A  Winter

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Presentation suggestions - "(with Georg Weizsacker...

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