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229description - Macroeconomic Theory and Policy Econ 229...

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1 Macroeconomic Theory and Policy – Econ 229 Prof. Henning Bohn The course examines five topics in the area of fiscal and monetary policy: (i) budget constraints and government solvency; (ii) optimal policy; (iii) intergenerational transfers and demographic change; (iv) the time-consistency problem; (v) political-economy considerations. Course Requirements : Course requirements are class participation, the final exam, and a paper. In most class sessions, one of YOU will serve as discussion leader. Discussion leaders are selected at random. Everyone is expected to do the assigned readings before class and be prepared to lead the discussion. (Because leadership includes asking questions, don’t worry about not understanding a paper on your own. You are supposed to explain the easy points, ask about the difficult ones, and thereby help us identify which items you—and presumably others—find difficult and worthy of more discussion. You are encouraged to prepare notes.) The exam is about the literature covered in class.
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