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Nonparametric Estimation - Economics 245A Project...

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Economics 245A Project Nonparametric Density Estimation Standard Gaussian Density For a sample size of 50, both least-squares cross-validation (LSCV) and maximum- likelihood cross-validation (MLCV) have average smoothing parameter values that ex- h in accord with theory. The computation time is slight for both methods, although the longer time for MLCV is probably due to the grid search that I wrote (LSCV employs an IMSL opti- mization subroutine). Although faster, the IMSL optimization subroutine does present unique minimizing value of h . Expanding the initial search range from ( : 25 ; 1 : 00) to ( : 25 ; 1 : 50) results in a reported minimum for sample 3, but does not result in a unique minimum for samples 4 and 6. For these two samples, I restrict the search range to ( : 5 ; 1 : standard Gaussian density, in each case the resulting integrated squared error (ISE) is samples the minimum value in the range (.25) is selected. Each time the minimum bandwidth is selected, the ISE for LSCV is quite large. The three large values of ISE that occur with
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Nonparametric Estimation - Economics 245A Project...

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