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20080304105133531 - early work in immigration viewed...

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+ early work in immigration viewed immigrant adaptation similarly to OJT - during years in country, low earnings due to investing in skills + consider earnings of a native versus an immigrant entering at20 yearcof age: lst age20 Statistical framework: natives: log I," immigrants: log Y,M = o i l + = a M * F"S,*6,"8,*6zNEl*ei Pts, * 6r'8, * 6r'E? + yrYSM. + yrYSM2. + trt. + coefficients on YSM variable capfure any extra earnings growth(overandabove general experience effects) due to years since immigration [excess returns to age ] lst real paper: Chiswick JPE1978 -r white male natives and immigrants, US 1970 Census - single X section of data; several hundred thousand observations: asks where born, years arrived... -r imposed same 6's (rets to experience) on natives / immigrants; foundlarge, positive effects of YSM - pooled sample; YSM:0 for native born
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+ estimated rapid overtaking times + thus, longer you've been in country (as of 1970),the higher are your earnings relative to natives -) conventional wisdom, on which much govemment policy was based - rapid assimilation
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