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Review for Exam III, Spring 2003 The exam is Thursday, March 27, mostly on Chapter 7 and HW’s 4-5; on techniques of integration. For additional practice, try the problems on pages 542-543. Just reading over this list of problems thoughtfully would even be good practice. The exam may also have some TF or short answer questions on Chs 10.1-10.4; on sequences and series (know the vocabulary and definitions, at least). I hope to post some True-False practice on the exam page soon. The scores on Exam II, problems 2 and 3 were fairly low. Correct your answers, using
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Unformatted text preview: the answer key, if needed. Exam III may have a review problem based on Chs 6.4-6.5. If you want more practice, try: 6.4 - 21, 23, 25 6.5 - 7, 10, 11, 14, 15 (and Ex.5) Proofs: Know these for Exam III: lim 1 /n = 0 using the ± method (see Ex.3, page 686) IBP from the Product Rule (again) Eqn 7 on page 506; R sec( x ) dx (use ”the unmotivated trick” as in the lecture) The Divergence test (Thm.3 on page 698) 1...
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