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Quiz II and Key July 19, 2007 MAC 2312 S Hudson 1) [30 points] Find the average value of f ( x ) = sec( x ) tan( x ) on the interval [0 , π/ 3]. 2) [40 points] Find the volume of the solid that results when this region is revolved around the y -axis; y = x 2 - 1, x = 2 and y = 0. 3) [30 points] Evaluate the integral using integration by parts: R x e 3 x dx . Remarks and Answers: The average grade was about 66/100. The scale for Quiz 2 is: A’s = 80-100, B’s 70-79, etc. Since the drop date is next week, I’ve also computed a semester average for each student, based on the 2 quiz grades and Exam 1. HW will be included later. The average of the averages is approx 75/100. This is a little higher than for Exam I, mainly because averages below 50 are not included. The current scale for your semester average is: A’s 85-100, B’s 75-84, C’s 65-74, etc. I wrote your average and letter grade in the upper right corner of your Quiz 2. 1) 3
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