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List of papers to be presented: Brander, J.A., and M. Scott Taylor, “ The Simple Economics of Easter Island: A Ricardo- Malthus Model of Renewable Resource Use ,” AER, 88(1) March 1998, 119-138. Brock, William and Anastasios Xepapadeas, " Valuing Biodiversity from an Economic Perspective : A Unified Economic, Ecological, and Genetic Approach," AER 93:5 (December 2003.) 1597-1614. E. H. Bulte, R. Damania and R. Lopez, “ On the gains of committing to inefficiency: Corruption, deforestation and low land productivity in Latin America ”, JEEM , 2007 (forthcoming) . Copeland, Brian R., and M. Scott Taylor, “ Trade, Tragedy and the Commons ,” Working paper, Department of Economics, University of Calgary, 2004. Costello, Christopher J., and Daniel Kaffine, “ Natural resource use with limited-tenure property rights ,”, UCSB, Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, 2007. Smith, Martin D., and James E. Wilen, “ Economic impacts of marine reserves: the
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Unformatted text preview: importance of spatial behavior , JEEM 46(2) (September 2003) 183-206. Taylor, M. Scott, Buffalo Hunt: International trade and the virtual extinction of the North American Bison , NBER Working Paper 12969, 2007. Notation: S=stock, N= # of potential hunters, = hunter skill, distributed as F( ). How does the population growth model figure into the analysis? [Characterizes movement from one SSE to another, and gives stylized account of the dynamic paths.] What determines the speed of the kill and of entry/exit of hunters? [Seems bang-bang, given the hunting technology. Adjustment should be infinitely fast.] What is the intuition for the result linking changes in the number of buffalo hunters to the elasticity of demand for hides? Zivin, J., Brent M. Hueth, and D. Zilberman, Managing a Multiple-Use Resource: The Case of Feral Pig Management in California Rangeland , JEEM Vol 35 (2000) 189-204....
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