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List of papers to be presented: Brander, J.A., and M. Scott Taylor, “ The Simple Economics of Easter Island: A Ricardo- Malthus Model of Renewable Resource Use ,” AER, 88(1) March 1998, 119-138. Brock, William and Anastasios Xepapadeas, " Valuing Biodiversity from an Economic Perspective : A Unified Economic, Ecological, and Genetic Approach," AER 93:5 (December 2003.) 1597-1614. E. H. Bulte, R. Damania and R. Lopez, “ On the gains of committing to inefficiency: Corruption, deforestation and low land productivity in Latin America ”, JEEM , 2007 (forthcoming) . Copeland, Brian R., and M. Scott Taylor, “ Trade, Tragedy and the Commons ,” Working paper, Department of Economics, University of Calgary, 2004. Costello, Christopher J., and Daniel Kaffine, “ Natural resource use with limited-tenure property rights ,”, UCSB, Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, 2007. Smith, Martin D., and James E. Wilen, “ Economic impacts of marine reserves: the
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Unformatted text preview: importance of spatial behavior ,” JEEM 46(2) (September 2003) 183-206. Taylor, M. Scott, “ Buffalo Hunt: International trade and the virtual extinction of the North American Bison ,” NBER Working Paper 12969, 2007. Notation: S=stock, N= # of potential hunters, α = hunter skill, distributed as F( α ). How does the population growth model figure into the analysis? [Characterizes movement from one SSE to another, and gives stylized account of the dynamic paths.] What determines the speed of the kill and of entry/exit of hunters? [Seems bang-bang, given the hunting technology. Adjustment should be infinitely fast.] What is the intuition for the result linking changes in the number of buffalo hunters to the elasticity of demand for hides? Zivin, J., Brent M. Hueth, and D. Zilberman, “ Managing a Multiple-Use Resource: The Case of Feral Pig Management in California Rangeland ,” JEEM Vol 35 (2000) 189-204....
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