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34B Practice for Midterm I Winter 2006 Instructor: Prof. Wei Circle your TA’s name and Discussion time: Melissa Banister Benjamin Benoy Thomas Howard M 4pm; 5pm; 6pm; 7pm; T 8am ; 5pm; 6pm; 7pm Books, notes are NOT allowed. READ the problems carefully. No calculators are allowed . Put final answers on boxes on this page. Put high quality work in the blue book for all answers. Points might be awarded for this: Number your solutions in the blue book; At the end of exam STAPLE this page to the INSIDE front blue cover of the blue book, so that this side faces the white writing pages of the blue book. Midterm I: Friday, Feb. 3, covering Chapters 9 and 12.1, 12.2 Practice Problems 1. Find (a) d dx [7 sin( kx ) + (2 x + 1) 2 ] (b) R 1 0 ( 3 x + a · x ) dx (c) R [( x + 3) 2 - 10 x ] dx (d) d dx [7 e 3 x sin(4 x )] 2. Due to over-fishing, the number of fish in a lake dropped to 2000, then fishing stopped. t years after fishing had stopped the number of fish in the lake was increasing at a rate of 300 +200t fish per year. (a) How many fish are in the lake after t years?
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Unformatted text preview: (b) How many years after fishing stopped was it until the number of fish in the lake reach 3800? 3. Adult movie tickets cost 6. Child tickets cost 3. If 700 people go to a movie and the total ticket sales are 3300, how many children and how many adults are there? 4. The mass, m ( t ), of a radio-active substance decreases as it decays and satisfies the equation m ( t ) =-. 5 m ( t ). Here time is measured in years and mass in grams. If there was initially 100 grams of this radio-active substance, how much is there after 5 years? What is the half life? 5. The height of water in a harbor varies like a sine wave with a period of 11 hours. The maximum height is 30 feet and the minimum height is 20 feet. T is the time measured in hours. The height at time T=0 is 25 feet. Write down a function which gives the height of the water at time T....
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