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34B Practice for Midterm II Winter 2006 Instructor: Prof. Wei Midterm II: Friday, March 3, covering Sections 12.3-12.6 and 13.1-13.8 Practice Problems 1. (a) Find the general solution of y 00 ( t ) = 12 t - 2 and the particular solution for which y (0) = 3 and y (1) = 5. (b) Find the solution of the differential equation y 0 = 2(3 - y ) satisfying the initial condition y (0) = 7. 2. Find the local max and min of x + 9 x - 1 . Clearly show how you apply the second derivative test. 3. How many liters of water containing 3 grams of salt water per liter must be
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Unformatted text preview: combined with 4 liters of water which contains y grams ( y is less than 2) of salt per liter to yield a solution with 2 grams of salt per liter. 4. Find the linear approximation of f ( x ) = x 2 e 3 x at x = 2. 5. A steel bar is initially at a temperature of 550 ◦ C and cools down according to Newton’s law of cooling. The temperature of the surrounding is 50 ◦ C. Initially the steel bar is cooling at a rate of 20 ◦ C per minute. What was the temperature after 20 minutes?...
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