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07pm1 - vertical sides are rectangles The volume of the box...

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Math 34A Practice for Midterm I Fall 2007 Instructor: Prof. Wei Circle your TA’s name and Discussion time: John Cloutier, Martin Harrison, Pat Plunkett, Jon Karl Sigurdsson, David Valdman T 8am; 4pm; 12noon; 5pm; R 8am ; 5pm; 6pm; 7pm Books, notes are NOT allowed. READ the problems carefully. No calculators are allowed . Put final answers on boxes on this page. Put high quality work in the blue book for all answers. Points might be awarded for this: Number your solutions in the blue book; At the end of exam STAPLE this page to the INSIDE front blue cover of the blue book, so that this side faces the white writing pages of the blue book. Midterm I: Monday, Oct. 22, covering Chapters 1-5 Practice Problems 1. Solve for x and y the equations 3 x + 2 y = 3 a x + y = 2 a - b 2. A box has vertical sides. The top and bottom of the box are squares.
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Unformatted text preview: vertical sides are rectangles. The volume of the box is 20 cubic meters. Express the total surface area of the box in terms of the length of one side of the base of the box. 3. Adult movie tickets cost 6. Child tickets cost 3. If 700 people go to a movie and the total ticket sales are 3300, how many children and how many adults are there? 4. a) If one drives at 99 kilometers per hour, what’s the speed in meters per second? b) How many times heavier is a 7 dimensional cube with side length 2 than a 7 dimensional cube with side length 1? 5. a) Find the limits: 1) lim x →∞ (2 + 5 x ) 2) lim x →∞ 2 x 2 x + 1 3) lim x → ( x + 2) 2-4 2 x b) Compute the change in f ( x ) = 2 x 2-2 from x =-2 to x =-2 + h ....
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