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34A Practice for Midterm II Fall 2007 Instructor: Prof. Wei Bring blue book and stapler for the midterm! Midterm II: Monday, Nov. 19, covering Chapters 5-7, 8.1-8.2 Practice Problems 1. Solve the following equation 5 2+3 x - 2 x = 0 . 2. Line A goes through the points (3 , 1) and (5 , 9). Line B goes through the point (2 , 7) and has twice the slope of line A. What is the equation of line B? 3. How many liters of water containing 3 grams of salt water per liter must be combined with 4 liters of water which contains
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Unformatted text preview: y grams ( y is less than 2) of salt per liter to yield a solution with 2 grams of salt per liter. 4. Bacteria double in mass every 10 hours. Initially there are 30mg of bacteria. After how many hours will there be 240mg? 5. (a) If log 2 = a and log 3 = b , what is log 12 in terms of a, b ? (b) Express 5 x as a power of 8. (c) What’s average rate of change of f ( x ) = x 2 from x = 1 to x = 1 + h ?...
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