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Math 34A Syllabus Fall 2007 Lecture : MWF 10 – 10:50, IV THEA1 Text : Calculus and Mathematical Reasoning for Social and Life Sciences by Daryl Cooper Material to be covered : Chapters 1-8 in the text book. Instructor : Guofang Wei, South Hall 6503, Ext: 4282, email: [email protected] Office hours : MWF 8:45-9:45am, or by appointment Assistants : John Cloutier, SH 6431K, [email protected] Martin Harrison, SH 6431U, email: [email protected] Pat Plunkett, SH 6432X, email: [email protected] Jon Karl Sigurdsson, SH 6431P email: [email protected] David Valdman, SH 6432K, email: [email protected] Discussions : Attendance is mandatory. Time: R 8am (387 103, GIRV 2123, GIRV 2112), 5pm (387 103, GIRV 2115, GIRV 1116), 6pm (GIRV 2018, PHELP 1448, PHELP 1445), 7pm (PHELP 1445, PHELP 1444, PHELP 1440), T 8am (HSSB 1215, HSSB 1206), T 4pm, 12noon, 5pm (940 1010) T 5pm (PHELP 1448). Quiz : There will be four quizzes in the discussions. Homework
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