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hw0 - 2(2 pts What type of computer do you have Mac Laptop...

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Prof. Franklin, CS8, F09, UCSB H00: Total Points: 20 Accepted: on paper, at the *beginning* of your lab section on Friday, September 25. Give to the TA as your TA verifies that you completed the step of logging into CSIL computers. You MUST attend the lab section in which you are enrolled. All lab sections are full. If you own a laptop, bring it to the first lab section. Name: (2 pts)______________________________ UCSBNetID (2 pts) _____________________ Lab Section (2 pts) Circle one: 1pm 2pm 3pm 4pm 1. Experience (2 pts): What of the following things have you done before? (Circle all that apply) a) written essays on a computer b) played games on a computer c) made a web page d) participated in an outreach activity involving Scratch, Alice, or any other programming language e) done some programming on your own in C, Java, Python, or any other language f) taken at least one quarter (summer or during the school year) of a formal programming course g) taken more than one semester of a formal programming course
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Unformatted text preview: 2. (2 pts) What type of computer do you have? Mac Laptop Mac Desktop PC Laptop PC Desktop None 3. (5 pts) Join the google group for this course: http://groups.google.com/group/ucsb-cs8-f09 and post a message with your name OR PERM number. There is a delay between your post and becoming visible on the group, so do not post multiple times. 4. (5 pts) Obtain a College of Engineering account for use in lab and for programming assignments. Choose your ucsb username as your college of engineering username as possible. Otherwise, you will find that your entire career, TA's will have trouble giving you credit for assignments if you forget to put your name in the proper place. You must be enrolled in this course in GOLD. Go to this website: https://accounts.engr.ucsb.edu/create/ 5 (optional) Is there anyone in your lab section with whom you would like to partner? (you both must put each other for this to count) Name: __________________ End of H00...
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