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int x = 5; int y = 7; double z = 3; double a = 9; String s = "howdy" Write the answers to the following expressions given the above declarations: x/y x/z z/a z/x s + y For each of the assignment statements below, if it will not compile, fix it so that it will compile. Then write, to the right, what value will be placed into the variable. a = z + a; z = x / y; x = z / y; x = x * y; s = s + a; I have written a program, and I find that my calculation caused by the
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Unformatted text preview: following line of code: a = x / y always results in 0 rather than a fractional value, like I expected. I even tried to fix it: a = (double) x / y; but it still does not work how I want it to. How can I fix it without changing the type of x and y? List the four types of integers, smallest to largest List the two types of floating-point numbers, smallest to largest...
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